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Amarnath Prabhakar July 21, 2009 0

Thanks for clicking the URL on my Twitter profile – let me give you a little background on who I am and what I do.


My name is Amarnath Prabhakar (@unoblogger) and I am the guy behind this blog www.UnoBlogger.com.

My twitter account, created primarily to create a network for the people who are interested in my blog. These days the twitter account serves to people who follow me with news, tech updates, my blog updates and blogging news/articles.

Since you have come to this page through twitter, you might be interested in some information on twitter. For this reason I have a compilation of the best twitter articles on UnoBlogger.com.

Ways to Use Twitter for Blogging

Have you heard of TFF Ratio? What is it?

Tweetergetter a tool to increase twitter followers

What is a Retweet (RT)?

What to do in case of your twitter account suspension?

If you are keen to create your own blog like the one that you see here, then these articles can help. These are a few articles for beginners of blogging. Also, my suggestion to wanna be bloggers would be to check all the major bloggers and their articles. Just to name a few other bloggers ProBlogger(Darren Rowse), Chris Garrett, Daniel Scocco

Are you ready to blog? Questions to prospective bloggers

Blog Jargons one should be aware of

Do I need writing skills to be a blogger?

How much time is needed to write an article?

Importance of opening lines to an article

Understanding writers block, this is important cause you are a writer if you are a blogger.

You can choose to be in touch with www.Unoblogger.com in many other ways.





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