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Amarnath Prabhakar September 16, 2008 0

My name is Amarnath Prabhakar and I am the brain behind Unoblogger. This post is to give an insight into who I am. I would like to call myself a blogger and am yet to determine whether I am a part-time blogger considering to become a full-time blogger or an amateur wanting to become a part-time blogger.

Things I do, I am currently employed full time and write blogs whenever I find time (actually I make my time). I watch movies, listen to music (Hip-hop my favorite), I like to eat and the reason why I am a Hotel Management graduate. I like to spend ample time in the midst of mother nature but am unable to pursue that interest well reason being employed full time.

I host another blog “World Cuisines” again because I love to eat. From this blog which I started was first to understand the nuances of the World Wide Web (to support me on my full-time job) but later engrossed myself so much into this blog that I have made this a part of my life.

I later started another blog to talk about blogging as a earning avenue, at this time I thought to myself that I would have this blog hosted by myself and not be dependent on a blogging platform. This thought has given birth to Unobogger (wanting to be “numero uno” in blogging).

Having started a blog just for understanding the internet, I realised that blogging can also be another avenue with which you can make money (actually tons of money). Now, I want to share my learning I have had with bloggers and potentials alike. I would be writing a lot about ways to earn money through blogging, maintaining a blog, writing a blog and everything related to blogging.

Keep coming back for more.

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