Do I need to have writing skills to be a blogger?

Amarnath Prabhakar November 12, 2008 0

“Writing is an art, and a writer is an artist”

If this saying is to be believed, then I am sure I might not be writing or my articles would not be read. As much as people say “writers are talented and a talent is inborn”, I would retort to this by saying “Talent can be inborn, what is needed for writers are skills”. A Skill is cultivated, nurtured with the best feed and developed with practice. This being said, there are certain basic requirements that are needed for writing and they would be

Language English – This is very necessary if you are intending to write to a clientele who are conversant in the language. We need to be thinking and writing in English. The writings need to be error free in terms of grammar and spellings.

Flair for the language – There can be blogs in different languages too. Once we have the flair for any language with which we want to write, the writing comes easy.

Humour – Writing as a medium requires a lot more to captivate the readers. It is not like watching a video or listening to a speech. To enthrall the readers there needs to be certain amount of detailing and humour. It makes reading an experience rather than an exercise, mind you we are not writing for thesis.

Eye for Detail – As a writer we need to have a keen observation to distinguish between the good and the bad, the better and the worse. This is not only for identifying the mistakes in our writing but also to identify newer subjects and better the perspective.

Dedication – Not always can a writer write. There is a certain need for peace, mindset and subjects. A writer need to exercise utmost dedication to have a flow for writing and any break in the flow would take that much more time to finish an article.


Considering that we have the prerequisites to becoming a writer, in this case a blogger, is that all?

All of the above might be present in a person and still the person might not match up to being a good writer.

As mentioned writing is a skill, and skills can be honed with practice. Have we not heard “practice makes a man perfect”?. Well, we have and it is true. Take my own writing for a study, the posts and the articles I have written in the past would not compare to what I am able to deliver these days. 

So, let’s not have inhibitions with our capabilities as a writer and take a plunge into this writing stream. Who knows how many of us might be writing great books tomorrow. Do your best as a writer.

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