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Amarnath Prabhakar February 25, 2009 0

There was a post on Searchmasters conference to be held on the 28th Feb 2009. It was mentioned that it was a conference and attendance was through invitation only. There still was an option to register to see if there were possibilities of invitation getting extended to me and I registered.

Today, I received a mail from and the mail is pasted below.

India SearchMasters 2009

Sorry! We are full


Thank you for your interest in Google India SearchMasters.

Unfortunately, we have reached full capacity for the event and will not be able to accommodate you.

However, we encourage you to keep track of Google India Blog. We plan to post videos of the talks and updates from the event.

Thank You,
The India SearchMasters Team

Registrations are closed. There will be no registrations at the venue.

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Although this is an event I wanted to be part of, there were no seats available. There sure are to be more such events, as India and Indians are becoming key players on the internet and in specific the blogosphere.

So, until further events come by I would wait for them.

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