How much time is needed to write an article?

Amarnath Prabhakar November 8, 2008 0

Quite a few times I’ve been popped with this question, “How much time do you take to write a post?”. This is a very generic question to which the answer should not be in absolute time. This answer also depends to perspectives of people involved. As much as possible, I am going to answer this question in the best possible manner as suited to my understanding.

In this post I would write about the flow with which I create an article. This might be of great help to amateur bloggers, not that I mean tenured bloggers don’t need this. There are certain procedures to be undertaken before a post is written. 

Reading – I would spend the best part of the day reading articles and posts of other bloggers and industry experts. This is primarily to understand the happenings of the industry (blogging is emerging as an industry whether we like it or not). The more we read, the more information we absorb and the more we absorb, the better we are at delivery. It sure would take some time if we are not born with the talent of writing for us to warm up to absorbing essentials and delivering the best.

Bookmarking – When online and browsing through the net for information, I have come up with something unusually interesting all the time. The next thing that would happen to that information is get bookmarked. Bookmarking is something very essential for the people online for the simple fact that, we have shorter time duration and an even shorter memory which does not aid much in remembering the information. The bookmarks can always be revisited for us to sieve through good to great information.

Perspective – Developing perspective (outlook/viewpoint) is another important factor when it comes to writing articles. There can be a lot of views about a certain development that is written by people on their blogs. The chances of our views differing from other’s views are very high. Taking advantage of our differently evolved perspective on a single subject in discussion is always good. Writing an article on your perspective will sure cause ripples and ensure followers (provided the article addresses the actual)

Mis-en-place - A french term literally translated means “Put in Place”. It is usually associated with cooking where the cooks are required to have all the ingredients in it’s right measure needed for cooking before the cooking process is initiated. This is to ensure cooking is done right and the ingredients used well. In this context, it would mean for us to take necessary notes and points needed before we start the writing process. 

Writing – Once we have all the necessary ideas, perspectives and notes in place, we can start the writing. Take ample time to frame the article on our head and then jot them down. The process of writing an article might not take much time provided the inputs are all there.

Publishing – Once the article is written, we sure need to check the content for issues. The issues can be errors which are grammatical, spelling errors, sentence formation etc., Once read and the errors corrected, the article can be published for the public.

So, the actual writing and  publishing time might be about 20 minutes whereas the initial structuring of an article can take well over an hour. What I usually do is create drafts whenever I come across an idea and build on it when I have the time and mindset. 

So do well on your article writing and feel free to add additional information by commenting on this article. You views are most welcome.

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