How to access an inaccessible webpage?

Amarnath Prabhakar October 20, 2008 0

There have been times when we visit a webpage and the page fails to load completely. This forms a hurdle and we are unable to read the post or the article that we wanted to read. There are quite a few reasons why a webpage would not load completely. Few of the reasons are


  1. The webpage has certain code that is not recognised by your browser and the page stops while loading
  2. The firewall either in your office or home does not ideltify the code on the webpage
  3. The firewall identifies the code but restricts access inturn not allowing the webpage to load
  4. The webserver of the website you are trying to visit is down.
There are a few reasons which can be the cause for the website not completely loading. Fret not, there sure is a workaround this. Not so long ago I wanted to visit the website of Matt Huggins cause I wanted to read an article that google threw up as result when I searched the Keywords blog articles. When I clicked on the result page I came across the website which would not load for some reason. The webpage was stuck as below.
This sort of a situation has a work around all you have to do is follow the steps below.
  • Copy URL – Copy the URL of the article, check the image below

  • Paste URL – Open google and paste the URL on the search bar and search. You will be provided with the results page. This page will have the URL of the article thrown as results as below

  • Cached Link – There is this link as shown below which mentions cached, this is nothing but the cache of the webpage as stored by google during one of the google bot visits.
The webpage that you see below is the cached page which throws the full webpage open and you can read through the entire article.
This way any website that isn’t accessible for some reason can still be accessed through google cache.

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