How to Improve Bounce Rate of a website

Amarnath Prabhakar March 17, 2009 0

A bounce rate of a website is a direct reflection of the quality of the website. A bounce rate (not to be confused with the exit rate) is the percentage impression of the number of people who exited the website on the first page itself. You can know more about the bounce rate in this article, “What is bounce rate?

Going ahead with this post, how exactly can we improve the bounce rate of a website?. Make sure you understand improving the bounce rate here means reducing the percentage of bounce rate on a website.

There are many ways for you to reduce your bounce rate for your website. In other words increasing stickiness to an extent.

Provide to your audience – We need to understand the needs of the audience of the website. With supporting data try to understand why a visitor visits your website and what makes him stay. This way over a period of time you would have understood the needs of your audience. Once determined what your audience needs fulfill that need. For a website with product reviews, it better be reviews of the product and not any promotions.

Improving entry page – Identify the entry pages of the website and improve the content on those pages. The content can be wonderful articles, list of best articles on the site, archives links, etc. This should improve the retention capacity of the website. Once the formula is drawn implement the same to all other pages on the website.

Optimize your titles and headings – Keyword analysis to find the best keywords to use on your page titles is an ongoing process. You can find more information on how exactly to optimize your title – Optimize with high ranking titles

Experiment - It is always better to experiment with your web pages to improve your bounce rate. You can use different variations in monthly or bi-monthly changes. This would provide a greater clarity on which of the variations is proving good for the retention.

Have simple and clean pages - Ensure the webpages are easy on the appeal factor, make it clutter free. There is a thin line between you website being cluttered and the website not having enough information. Tread the line carefully, it should not be case where a visitor leaves the page because it is cluttered or leave the page beacause he found the information he wanted and there is nothing more to see.

The above pointers are just guidelines for you to reduce the percentage bounce rate of your website. This sure does not mean there are not any more ways to do that. If you are able to reduce bounce rates with any other methods, please do share it with us by filling up the comments box below.

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