Importance of opening lines to an article writer

Amarnath Prabhakar July 13, 2009 0

It is the first few words any speaker gets to say while starting a speech. These should be words or visuals that should draw the readers to choose to read more of the article.

The opening pitch should provide a sense of need to know more. It is very important for these opening words to

  • Captivate the crowd
  • Establish a rapport with the listeners
  • To introduce the subject, set a tone
  • This is most important, to grab the attention

These few words determine the quality of the speech as a perception among the crowd. If the initial few words are the ones that the listeners are unable to relate to, then there is no interesting speech that you’ve delivered.

It is in these very lines that article’s success is depended. The first few lines that you write should make sure that the readers go on further to find out what more you are about to write on that article. There should be an inquisitiveness that should arise and the readers should rear to find out.

Things that can help to have a block buster opening for your article are as below

Anecdote – An article can start with a small story, it can be your own experience or some other’s experience that you’ve witnessed

Attention grabbing statement – These statements can range far and wide with varied subject lines. For example you can write “Blogging is dead”.

Surprise element – Everybody in this industry knows information and news travels faster that the speed of sound, thanks to internet speeds. This being the case think of opening that can actually startle these very people with some surprising information.

Quote – This is an universally used method to grab one’s attention. These can help most of the times but usage of quotes every time you start an article would become a dampener.

Challenging question – As a blogger there can be some events or experiences of yours with which there could have been certain learnings. You can pose these situations as questions asking the reader’s opinion on how they would have handled the same. This would create an interest among the readers to find out the best way to handle.

Complimenting the readers – This is an effective way to grab attention by giving due importance to the readers. If someone asks me, I would sure say that I am being motivated by the people reading my articles to provide more to them. This compliment should also not become an overdose where people eventually fail to see the inner meaning.

A buildup from the previous article – You could have given an article and this article can be a follow up on the same topic. Writing a line or two about the previous article providing a link there would garner interest among the readers.

A visual – Providing some sort of a visual like a photograph, a toon, a sketch, etc. can help in grabbing the attention of the readers. The use of the title and the visual can create enough interest to read more of the article.

These are the various ways you can start an article and these methods should be used in suggested measures. We sure don’t want our readers to start feeling offended with any of these methods being used excessively.

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