Step by step guide to Contesting a twitter account suspension

Amarnath Prabhakar July 6, 2009 0

It was a nightmare come true when I realised that my @unoblogger twitter account was suspended. The account was suspended for suspicious activity and that brought me to investigate as to why it was possible.

By the time I was on the internet finding information about how and why my account was suspended I received a mail from Twitter. This mail with the subject “Automated response on your twitter account suspension” mentioned a few do’s and dont’s of using a twitter account.

Eventually I figured out the next step to contest my twitter account suspension. This post outlines the step by step procedure to launch a complaint against the twitter account suspension.

Step 1

Signing up yourself with the account. You don’t have to created another username and password here. The username and the password that you use to access you twitter account is sufficient. You would have to get to this website –

Once you are on the help page of twitter, you will provide your twitter username and password in the respective fields and click on ‘Sign In’. This will take you to twitter support home page which is as below

Step 2

On the right hand side of the twitter support home page you will find the Help Resources. This is on the right side bar, click the Terms of Services and Rules Policy.

Step 3

Clicking on the Terms of Service and Rules Policy you will be taken to another page called the help resources page

Step 4

Once on the help resources page, you will see a few topics. Click on the one that says contesting account suspension, you can see this topic encircled above.

Step 5

Once you click on the topic ‘Contest account suspension‘ you will be taken to the page where you will see reasons and explanations as to why an account is suspended. For you to really fill a form for contesting your twitter account suspension you’ll have to click on ‘Submit a request‘. It is encircled for your understanding.

Step 6

Once you’ve clicked on submit a request, you’ll be taken to the form where you will fill the details to contest your twitter account suspension.

You are expected to fill the following details on this form,

1. Details of your request without any attachments of any kind

2. Your telephone number if you registered your phone with the twitter account

3. Next you choose from a drop down for the question ‘While using twitter I had a‘ which has the options

-  Question

-  problem/bug report

-  Feature request, feedback or idea

-  Other

4. Then you need to choose from a set of options for the next part of this form. Choose Suspended accounts under spam/abuse

5. Then you write your feeling in a word or two and submit

Once you have filled all the necessary information you will be intimated as below ‘This request is currently being processed by our staff

This ends to the process of contesting a twitter account suspension. This process has these many steps for a simple reason. The reason to make things harder for people who want to contest suspension of account. If it were any simpler the twitter team will be up for task, considering the number of twitter accounts that get suspended every hour.

There is another simple way to this. Once you have logged into the twitter help page in step 1, you use this url – or click here to get to that page.

This will take you directly to step 6. Start contesting your twitter account suspension if you feel the suspension was uncalled for.

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