Technorati Blogosphere 2008 Report

Amarnath Prabhakar September 24, 2008 0

For people who are aware of Technorati will understand what blogosphere report is. For the benefit of people who do not know technorati (Which is about 17% of all bloggers of the world) let me first give a headsup of what this report is

  • Technorati is an internet search engine for blogs. 
  • Started with blogs now spread across the enitre live web covering everything from blogs, photos, videos, etc.,
  • This now forms one of the imprtant traffic building and website promoting platform. In other words if your blog is not on Technorati you dont exist, your blog that is.
  • They do a reality check every year and come out with their report which they call the Blogosphere Report. 
  • Find below the snippet of the exhaustive report. You can find the report at Technorati, click here for the “Blogosphere Report

Technorati Blogosphere Report

- Technorati tracking 133 Million blogs
– Only 5.5% have had some activity in the last 4 months
– Only 0.01% have activity once in 7 days
– There are 10.4 blogs posted every second it was 18 posts every second last year
1 in 4 bloggers that is about 25% spend more than 10 hours per week on blogging
– Top 100 blogs post an average of 300+ posts a month
66% of bloggers use Google Analytics for tracking
20% use sitemeter and statcounter for tracking
– Three top traffic building strategies

  1. Listing your blog in Technorati - 83%
  2. Comment on other blogs – 77%
  3. Listing the blog on Google – 73%
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