The automated response from Twitter on my account suspension

Amarnath Prabhakar July 5, 2009 0

I had my twitter account suspended and the suspension was contested by way of raising a ticket. Soon after that I received an automated response mail. The mail was giving an outline as to why my account could have been suspended. There were a few points which could have possibly triggered my twitter account suspension.

- A lot of people have either blocked me or flagged me as a spammer

- I have aggressively followed many people

- Imbalanced ratio of followers to people I follow

- misusing the reply feature

- My updates are infested with duplicate links and/or text

- I have no personal updates but only links

- poaching other’s tweets and publishing as my own

A copy of the mail is as below, this is a screen shot click on the image to get a bigger, readable image.

These sure can be reasons than any account may be suspended but not mine. So I thought it would be better to find out more on the reasons of technical or user influence which triggers an account suspension.

The fact is there are many reasons why an account can be suspended. It is written on this post on Twitter rules and terms of service. These rules and terms of service are very important to be followed to ensure, your twitter account is not suspended for any reason.

There is no fairness in blaming twitter for suspending account of users who are genuine and pose no threat to twitter. Twitter has come across a lot of spammers in the past, which has threatened the very existence of the website So, out of the experiences they have had, twitter has now formally drawn guidelines to state what can be done and what cannot be.

Let us be informed and avert any possible suspensions of twitter accounts. Here we have, the twitter rules and terms of service.

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