Things to do when a blogger gets a writer’s block

Amarnath Prabhakar October 28, 2009 0

A writer’s block or a blogger’s block is a condition affecting the creativity of a person. A blogger is a writer and he/she needs the creative inclination to deliver the best works.

There are a fair number of times I’ve been hit by a writer’s block and I can understand the pain involved. The pain of being unable to do the daily task (writing) effectively. A writer’s block has many causes and this has been written in the past titled Writers block, worst enemy of a blogger.

In this post, we will see the various tasks that helped me through the writers block. These are tasks that I did day on day through the days I was experiencing a block. Most often it is the symptoms that go unnoticed and many don’t even realize that they are having a blogger’s block. It has been sometime since a post was rolled out on this blog and was until now wondering what should be written. It was a sudden and unexpected realization that an article on the very same condition that disallowed me to write an article is the best bet.

So, here it is the list of tasks that can be taken up to beat the mental block causing trouble. These are the tasks that I have been doing and can stand by these to overcome your writers block.

Outside your blog:

  • Read articles and blog posts – There are a number of blogs and article websites on the internet on varied subjects. Choose blog posts and articles on your niche and read them. This not only helps you beat the time but also act as an inspiration for the blog posts you want to write.
  • Write down ideas – The time when under a writer’s block is when you will not want to step near your computer. At these times it isn’t necessary that you will not have any ideas. These ideas should be written down in a journal for future reference. These ideas will sure help to write articles.
  • Collect pictures – Pictures are important to a blog post to reduce the monotony of looking at words and to increase eye appeal. This being the case, there cannot be a better time for you to collect pictures for your blog posts.
  • Be active on Social Media – As a blogger we know how important it is to start a network around your blog. This helps in branding and fan following. Take the time available and increase your foot print on the social networks.
  • Write guest posts – It is true that we would want the best for ourselves and that is the case for articles as well. The best works come through at the peak of creativity. During a writers block although you are able to write articles, these are not even close to your best works. Use this time as an opportunity to write articles to submit as guests posts in other blogs.

Within your blog:

  • Reply to Comments and Mails – It is important for bloggers to reply to comments and mails that are sent across. The reason for this is to ensure that every fan of your blog is made to feel important and this will induce them to write more comments and mails.
  • Build links on old posts – Internal links are an important factor for increasing page views. There could have been many follow up posts and posts on a same topic. Look at ways to links these posts with good anchor texts.
  • Follow-up posts – Now is when you also can write follow up posts for your old posts. Follow up posts are nothing but articles that are written in continuation to a previous posts which can have recent developments, newer trends, etc.
  • Improve your blog – There are a lot of blog improvement that can be taken up during a writer’s block. These tasks include SEO strategies, Monetization, navigation, changing themes if needed, tweaking the look and feel of the blog and many more.

These are the various tasks that can be taken up when having a blogger’s block. These tasks helps us to do something useful and not be rusted.

Please leave your tried and tested methodologies on handling writers block in the comments below.

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