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Amarnath Prabhakar July 4, 2009 0

There has been a lot of times I have thought about experiencing a nightmare I had. There was one such nightmarish experience when I learn’t that my twitter account was suspended.

This twitter account @unoblogger had practically become my right limb in my blogging life. I had a few hundred followers and all of a sudden your network that you built genuinely over a period of 10 months was just washed away in no time. I immediately took a screen shot of the web page that said my twitter account is suspended, the page as below

I got offended with this page for the reasons below

- Although twitter is owned and managed by someone, I had an account with them and practically I am the owner of that account. Imagine you being asked to mosey along.

- The message although well scripted, offends people like me. It says “the account is suspended due to strange activity”

- There can always be an alert ensuring that the account is going to be suspended and given an opportunity to clear issues to avoid suspension.

This is nightmare considering that you are a genuine user with genuine tweets. I was alarmed for a moment and then decided to wear my thinking hat. All sorts of questions started buzzing in my head like, what did I do to get my account suspended?, is this a glitch or a mistake?, how can I rectify this?, is this the end of the road for my twitter account?, who should I get in touch with to correct this?, etc. etc.,

I decided to investigate on these questions, I came across the link which stated that an account suspension can be contested in

With whatever there was as guidelines, I contested my account suspension. This process of fighting against your twitter account suspension will be published as a blog post

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