transformation is now complete, change in look and feel

Amarnath Prabhakar July 27, 2009 0

The last couple of days has been very important for The blog has undergone a transformation from what it was to a certain new outlook. There were quite a few reasons why this transformation was carried out, primarily to list a few

- A dull and boring web page

- Navigation were not strong and it is evident with bounce rate

- The social media did not get a front seat in the previous web page template

- Add more professional (serious) touch to the blog, this blog means business

- Not enough sidebar space for additional advertising regions

The list is big and will sure take a lot more time to list them all. This post is not to list the reason why there is a change but, just to announce the change.

You will see the blog as it was prior to the transformation and post transformation.

Click on the pictures above to look at the full size of these pictures. Also, please leave your comments on the change whether it is positive or negative.

In the posts to come we will write more in lines of why a blog requires a theme change and ways to change the themes without affecting the functionalities of the blog.

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