Ways to get your TFF (Twitter Follower – Friend) Ratio

Amarnath Prabhakar July 17, 2009 0

Twitter ratio is a ratio based on the friends and followers count of any twitter account. This is to better project the twitter account and the personality of the person who is the owner of that twitter account.

You can read what a twitter ratio is and what it means to have a specific number as a twitter ratio of your twitter account. ‘Twitter ratio – TFF

There are atleast three ways known to me to get your twitter ratio

Simple Math:

In your twitter account you will know the number of followers you have and the number of friends you follow (following). These are the two numbers that are important. It is only these two numbers that determines your twitter ratio. Once you have the numbers of friends and followers place them in the equation below and the number you get is your twitter ratio.

Reply @tffratio
Get your TFF Ratio reported to you directly in Twitter by sending a reply to @tffratio.

To send a reply, begin a tweet with @tffratio. The TFF Ratio autoresponder will send a reply back to you with your TFF Ratio and pithy comments within a few seconds (depending on Twitter uptime!). You can follow TFF Ratio on Twitter to see everyone’s updates.

Like the below pic, type in @tffratio and click on update. You will receive a reply with your TFF ratio.


This is another way yo get your TFF ratio. Tweeple can head to this website to know and understand what their twitter ratio is and means. You can go to twitterratio.com and enter your twitter account name and you will get the results once you click on Get TFF ratio

You can see the step by step guide to get your twitter ratio on twitterratio.com here, ‘Step by step guide to TFF ratio

There we have it, ways to gett your twitter ratio.

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