What are Keywords?

Amarnath Prabhakar November 1, 2008 0

“Keywords are the words that are used to reveal the internal structure of an author’s reasoning”

“In computer programming, a keyword is a word or identifier that has a particular meaning to the programming language

Search terms or phrases that are related to an advertisement or ad copy”

How many times have you visited google in search of something? I am sure as many times as you can imagine. Every time you go to the search box and type the words you are in search of and hit the search button, google returns search results relevant to your search term. You are, at the end of it all happy cause you found some information on your search.

This happens using keywords, you should be right if you are to think keywords are tags given to an article or blog.

For example:

You want to know something on making money online then, you would go to google, yahoo, live or any of the search engines and type this phrase on the search box and check for relevant information. At other times you can also use the phrases like, earn money blogging, blog earn, online money making, etc. What ever the search words or phrases are, they are going to return the same sort of results at least in terms of relevance.

So to speak, keywords are very important to a blog. A blog is judged with the keywords that have been linked to the blog. At a single glance search engines would determine what sort of a blog is yours. The blogs are then segregated under different categories, these categories are what you find in directories.

Keywords are as important as the content itself for a blog. The keywords are the words and phrases that give an identity to your blog. They should be chosen well and used well for your blog to succeed.

There are many other important aspects related to keywords like,

  • choosing the right keywords, 
  • implementing keywords on the blog, 
  • keyword meta tags, etc. 
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