What is Comment or Blog Spam?

Amarnath Prabhakar July 28, 2009 0

Comment – A remark, criticism, or observation

A comment is an expression of like or dislike on a blog/website. Many people leave comments on blog articles to share their views on the article. This was continuing since launch of guest books and blogs on the internet.

Commentators on these blogs and websites of others started realising that the comments they left are helping them in search engine rankings. The google juice started trickling to the websites of commentators and viola, they gained in pagerank. This was a great piece of information that rages like forest fire and people started considering commenting as a primary task to boost rankings of their blogs and websites.

It was just a matter of time where the entire internet community comprising bloggers, webmasters, website owners alike were at it, commenting on other websites. This was not just open for genuine people but also people who run websites that stand no regard in the society. So, before you know the internet world was one big mound of spam comments. These comments started chocking the internet and became a nuisance to blog and website owners.

Spam refers to unsolicited mass communications distributed through electronic mail or posted in on-line discussion forums

Now, judging between genuine comments and the spams have become tough for the blog and website owners. There are lots being done to curtail spamming and shun spammers which include a certain plugins, no follow attribute, stopping comments on the websites (this is of course a drastic step to take). Has the spams come down in numbers after all this? The answer is a big no. The spammers are in a winning situation what ever the case, the spammers typically use spam bots which involves no physical input from spammers. The spam bots start posting comments on all blogs and websites at a click of a button and even if just a few comments pass through and get published it is a win for spammers.

There are many types spammers and we would see these types in the posts to come. Also, would we see ways to fight spammers and measures to take against spams on blogs. Ensure that you are back to understand more about these anti spam techniques to choose.

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