WordPress Media Files Upload Error

Amarnath Prabhakar October 30, 2011 0

Recently I migrated my Blog to godaddy hosting servers from Yahoo hosting and this became some task. There were many issues that emerged from this migration, one among them were the media files upload error.

Everytime I tried to upload a media file I received an error as below

This error had me in tenterhooks for some time and with help of Google found solution for this issue.

There can be two reasons why this problem of “error while uploading media” can happen

  • CHMOD Permission – Accessing your wp-content/uploads folder through your ftp and right click on the folder to choose the file properties. This will show a window as below, this has to be with the numeric value 777 as shown in the pic. The idea is to provide permissions to read, write and execute
  • Admin Settings – Go to your admin dashboard, settings and media. Under Media Settings you should see the field under “Uploading Files”  

    Ensure there aren’t any forward slash(/) before the wp-content/uploads. Like you see in the image I had two forward slash as a prefix to wp-content/uploads.

With these corrected you should be able to upload media files without further issues.

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