Writer’s block, worst enemy of a blogger

Amarnath Prabhakar July 11, 2009 0

I would call myself a blogger, irrespective of whether I am a part-time blogger or a full time blogger. A blogger is a writer in a way, blogger writes blog posts. It never struck me that I am prone to being hit by a condition which would make me lose my ability to produce new work, in this case new posts. I did not know, there existed a condition where in people were unable to provide any new work like novels, articles, or blog posts.

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For a long time I was unable to think and act on newer posts. There was a sort of block that never allowed me to concentrate on any new projects. This condition has lasted for a few weeks and this is when I thought I would try and understand what is causing this block. The fact is that I never even knew that this condition is prevalent among the writers and it even had a name.

What causes a writer’s block?

Running out of ideas : The writer might experience lack of creativity for reasons like running out of ideas to pen. There could have been a subject where all topics have been discussed and there are no further topics available.

Could be that there is no more inspiration : Lack of motivation and inspiration can become a hurdle to a writer.

The subject is beyond the writers capability : There have been times when we would have understood the potential to a topic to write as a blog or a novel. With this aspect the project is launched and what follows is that the writer is not aware or learned with the subject to pursue further.

Other emotional hurdles : The writer could be going through certain trauma in his/her life. This can be in a form of a simple financial instability to a major form of losing one’s near and dear one.

The pressure to create : At times a writer is pressurized by their own standards to meet and at times by the publishers or blog owners. These are the times when the quality of work takes a beating. This burns people out and writers are people too.

Is there a way to overcome a writer’s block?

There is not just one way to overcome the writer’s block and start to produce written work. A few ways how a block can be over come is as below,

- Taking a break, this can be done by just pursuing something else other than writing for some time.

- Also can be done is taking a road trip

- Learning a musical instrument, listening to music

- meditate, learn and do yoga

There are many more ways to divert yourself from writing until you feel you can get back to it.

Writing is an art and it requires a calm, serene, beautiful place to let your creativity and the words flow with no bounds.

The writer’s block ranges from a mild block to a more serious extreme blocks. These extremes are what causes the writer abandon writing as a career and pursue something totally different. Nothing to panic, we just need to be sure that there isn’t any lingering issues with our writing.

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