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Amarnath Prabhakar July 13, 2009 0

As a blogger there would have been times when you just finished an article and considered it your best work. These best works that you believed in, to return traffic to your blog, to increase your blog popularity, to increase fan following, etc. After a few weeks when you check the statistics for this article of yours, you are in for a rude shock.

The article you considered your best work is not featuring in search results and the reason why there isn’t a spurt of search engine traffic. Things are as it was for your blog before this article was published and there isn’t any change.

This can happen for many reasons and one of the primary reasons is your choice of Keywords.

Keywords are words that determine the subject of your articles. It is a gist of what is there in your article and it is these keywords that get used while searching on search engines. So, making sure that you have a title for your article with keywords that are being used for the searches would be most logical.

So in this series of free keyword tools, we would look at a tool from SEO tools.

The tool is called “Keyword Suggestions for Google Tool

Click here for the tool – Keyword suggestions for google tool

The tool is very simple to use and produces results as it appears on google, the widely used search engine across the globe.

Once on the page containing this tool, you will see a box as below. You will type in the key term that sums your article better and choose the number of suggestions to display. Fill the captcha as given and click on the Analyze button.

Once the Analyze button is clicked, the tool starts to fetch data from google and analyze the same. It will take about 5 to 10 seconds to return results from your request. Once the analysis is over the results are published as below.

Using the results, you can determine which of the terms have better percentage. The better percentage simply means that the search terms are used better in google search engine.

So, choose the key terms that have better percentage in terms of results published and use them on the article you are to publish. Do not restrict the usage of the keywords just to the title of the article but use them as and when required within the article. This will increase the keyword density of your article. We would look at what a keyword density is in the articles to come.

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