Navigating through blogs – Why is it important?

Amarnath Prabhakar September 22, 2008 0

There are a lot of websites vying for their share of space on the internet, there are about 70 million 133 million blogs that are tracked by technorati. It is very imprtant that you do a few things to survive on the internet. One of the things that need to be done to ensure your presence on the net is to simplify your navigation. I understand the importance of making navigation through particular blog or website as smooth as possible. This is one of the SEO techniques where you suggest topics to your readers through many ways.

The reasons why we need simple navigation options is to ensure

  • Reach, Readers are coming to a blog to read through articles that have been posted on the blog. We need to ensure that the readers are able to check other posts that are related to this post. This will only deepen the reach of the readers through the blog and in turn increase the pageviews. More page views more revenue
  • Guidance, I’ve myself been on a lot of blogs and I’ve felt that the navigation throuh the pages are very basic. This does not allow traffic to flow to other pages of your blog. Guiding the readers through the blog becomes very much important to ensure there is stickiness of your blog. Guidance can be in many ways, for example you can have a related posts box.
  • Engagement, we bloggers need to ensure that there are enough and more ways for the readers to search for more information from the blog. This way you will engage the readers to spend more time on the blog and sieve through the information that is available in the blog.
  • Increase pageviews, every time a reader steps into your blog and reads through articles he ensures that he gives the valuable time to you. The more tools he has to search and manouvre throught the website the more pages he is likely to visit and the more page views.
  • Inrease revenues, we know CPM (Cost per million impressions) is a very important feature of advertisements, which only means that you get paid everytime somebody visits your website irrespective of whether they click on the ads or not. More the pageviews better the chances of you earning more money through CPM model of earning
The above five are enough reasons for you to enable simple navigation options for your readers. There would be a  post on various navigation methods to help improve your blogs on navigation. Also, if you are a blogger looking at making money online through blogging you need to pay some attention to navigating through your blog.

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