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Amarnath Prabhakar September 29, 2008 0

We understood in the previous post on the series Search engine optimization the reason why we need to submit the site to search engines. To reiterate, we need to submit our URL or website to search engines for them to take that as a trigger and start to crawl our website URLs.

Site Submission is very important for the reasons below

  • Unless we let the search engines know about our site it is unlikely for the search engines to find our website. Consider the fact that there are 133 million blogs alone, as tracked by technorati.
  • Quicker indexing, it’s like guiding someone to a place with a map. A search engine once recieves a web URL it makes the crawling that much more easier and the indexing to happen sooner.
  • Making money online sooner, no matter what your intention is with your blog why should you waste a perfect opportunity to earn some money online through blogging. Submission of your URL helps you achieve money making sooner.

As mentioned there are a few top search enginges where it is important for you to submit your website. These are important and very highly utilised search engines….

Google Most of the searches on the internet are now served through Google. Submitting your site to google is the first and foremost thing to do. This is the url where you will submit to google,

Yahoo Another important search engine and it somes second to google in serving search results to the internet world. This is the url where you will submit to yahoo,

MSN This too is an important search engine serving the internet. To include your site in this search engine you will have to submt in this url

Alexa is not a typical search engine but is important to be indexed with them because they are a leading web information company keeping track of zillions of website and the internet world is considering their ranking as well as a guage. To submit to alexa use this URL

There a a lot more search engines and rough estimates peg that number at around 6000 search engines. Now, not all of these are for a the world wide web. A few of them serve to the local regions and communities. We will see an exhaustive list of search enignes in the posts to come. Ensure you are aware of an update on Unoblogger, Subscribe to Unoblogger by Email

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