The PageRank Algorithm

Amarnath Prabhakar January 24, 2009 0

Bloggers and webmasters alike, know what a pagerank is. We know now that pagerank is one of the tools to define the importance of a website or a webpage. A page rank is a vital measure which determines the popularity of a website and the earning potential of a website.

We know a pagerank is calculated based on the external and internal links of a website and there is an algorithm behind the calculation of a pagerank. Pagerank is also depicted as PR.

There is a certain algorithm which is followed to calculate the pagerank. The incoming links are considered and the authority of the pages from where the incoming links are coming from are noted. The authority of those pages are then used to calculate the pagerank of the webpage or the website.

For example.

Let’s consider an airport as a website, the domestic arrivals as internal links and the international arrivals as the external links. Each of the destinations from where the flights arrive have their own importance, like flights from New York are considered the best and so are the flights from London.

An airport is serving to both domestic and international flights. The authority or the importance of an airport would increase depending on the three factors

- The number of domestic flights it serves to and from where all

- The number of international flights it serves and from which destinations

- The number of travellers visiting the airport from these destinations

So, if an airport serves international flights from New York, London, Frankfurt, etc., the importance of the ariport increases considerably. There would be a lot of traffic in the airport and it becomes a landmark of sorts.

Likewise the website will amass importance based on the internal and external links and also the traffic that is generated. There have been a lot of articles depicting how the PR is calculated and so I do not wish to reinvent the wheel. You can sure visit this link for a wonderful depiction of how pagerank is calculated – PageRank Algorithm

We will in the coming posts look at ways to increase pagerank.

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