Add Google Plus Badge on your Blog or Website

Amarnath Prabhakar December 5, 2011 0

Creating a Google+ Page is important and we’ve covered the same in the previous post. Once a page is created it is essential to marry the website to the Google+ brand page that is created, this is a way to confirm your website and Google+ page are related. This is to ensure that your website is given enough credit on Google search pages and Google+ Direct Connect. Google+ Direct Connect is something Google is testing now, this is where your website would be served to people searching to search terms related to your website’s subject.

Now, Google has allowed publishing of badges on the website, these badges help your website visitors to add your website’s Google+ brand page to the circle of their choice, visitors can like your website with a +1 right from the badge.

Once a page is created, you can click on “Get Started” link on your left sidebar. On the page, under Connect your website, click on “Get the badge”

On the next page that appears, copy your Google Plus Page ID, this is a 22 digit number which you will find in your Google+ Brand page URL. Paste the Page ID in the box provided and choose standard badge.

Once you’ve chosen the standard badge you will find the code as below to be incorporated in your website.

The first part of the code is to be included in the Header section of your website between the <head> and </head> code. The second part of the code is to be included where you want the badge to appear on your website.

Now you have gone one step further to encourage your website visitors to interact with your website and with other website visitors with common interests.

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