Google is taking on the Social Networking fight head on with Google+

Amarnath Prabhakar July 1, 2011 0

Google has tried many ventures to take some market share in the Social Networking pie in vain. There was Google Wave and Google Buzz which were primarily created to tackle Facebook and Twitter but they quite did not do what was intended for them.

From the word go Google+ has been capturing imaginations of people on the internet. There is no frenzy among the Facebook and Twitter users alike apart from the many others who do not feature on these platforms.

The tactic that Google has used is similar to the one used while introducing GMail. People can become users of Google+ only with an invite, this means that there are lot many people out there who are now longing for an invite from someone whom they know online. “Send me an Invite” and “Who wants an Invite” are the buzz phrases on the internet social networks.

Google+ is still under testing and Google would not hold responsible for privacy issues during this phase. One killer feature that Google+ covers is the privacy issues on Facebook and Twitter and many other social networks.

You can now send updates and ensure only the people who should see that update are seeing it

This is made possible by this feature called Circles, this is where you will segregate your friends, family, colleagues, etc. By this segregation you can define each of your update as to whom it is designated to. You can choose the circle or circles you want this update visible to. It is just a start, the first set Google+ invitations were sent about 72 hours and there already is frenzy around the Google+.

We will look into the many features and benefits of Google+ in comparison to the other social networks already available for the masses.

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