Google+ Pages – How to ensure you secure your page on Google Plus?

Amarnath Prabhakar November 9, 2011 0

Google Plus is now out with Google Business Pages for businesses to list themselves on Google Plus. This news has still not reached the whole internet community and since this is the case there are chances your page is already created by some mischief monger.

This is of course the initial stages of Google Plus pages and very soon Google would begin cross verification of the pages and their link with the business websites. When this happens all problems of identity snatching will be eradicated. Google has a simple solution to ensure the clean up process is as smooth as possible both for Google and the business owners.

To confirm ownership of a site, Google looks for two things:

A rel=”publisher” link on the website

This is a link that has to feature on your website, this is a cross referencing check that Google has formulated where you will have a link with rel=”publisher”. This can be published on to the website by various methods and they are listed as below

Google+ Icon

To add the icon, just grab a snippet of code. Paste it into your HTML code, and you’re done: Your Google+ page and your site are now linked. This can be chosen based on size and the snippet to be copied and pasted on your business website.

Adding a Link

Google strongly recommends using the Google+ icon since it is recognizable by users. If for some reason you are unable to add the google plus icon to you site, you can manually add a link like the one below

<a rel=”publisher” href=”[yourpageID]”>Find us on Google+</a>

Invisible Link Tag

If you don’t want your link to be visible on the page, use a link tag, like this:

<link rel=”publisher” href=”[yourpageID]” />


Link to your website from your Google+ Pages profile

Publish your business website link on your Google Plus page.

For example, if you’ve created a page for a product, you can add the product description page to your page’s profile. It’s best to link to your home page or most significant page.

Once you’ve added the publisher link and the reciprocal link on your Google Plus page, you can check if Google recognizes the Publisher markup. You can check for the same from this link – Rich Snippets Testing Tool. The result will be published as below and look out for the “Verified: Publisher markup is correct for this page” message.

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