Google Plus – Why would it Succeed?

Amarnath Prabhakar July 4, 2011 0

As we have seen from launch a week back Google Plus has been one social network that has been creating a buzz among internet users and internet marketers alike. There isn’t a Daily or a magazine that is interested in covering the Facebook and Twitter Killer. We have seen and read articles in the past one week about how Google Plus will be a rage. So all that exaggeration aside, we would want to see what can be the reasons why Google+ can be a Facebook Killer or why Google+ will die the eventual death as we saw with Google Buzz and Google Wave.

The Pros of Google+:

  • Google Plus is Simple to Use – We all remember how lost we felt when we were introduced to Facebook. Facebook was and is cluttered, if you feel it isn’t cluttered, you have just gotten used to the look, feel and navigation through Facebook. In comparison Google+ seems to have taken cue from the users of Facebook. Google Plus has just four tabs namely, Home, Pictures, Profile and Circles. This is as simple as it can get and the User Interface cannot be any much de-cluttered.
  • Google is now learned – There has been a few major blunders from the Google Family. We saw Google Buzz, Google Wave and Google Health which saw the light of internet but soon perished. There sure would have been a lot more projects that could have been shelved by Google. Since there has been many failures Google has seen, we should only say that Google is now smarter and stronger and knows what is required for the internet people. This being the case, the features that are released on Google Plus are pro social network enthusiasts. This is very evident from the User Interface of Google Plus.
  • Google Follows Facebook – Facebook has been there done that, they have seen the ups and downs of forming the biggest social network. Facebook founder has brick by brick built Facebook and incorporated what is required for the masses. The research has already been done by Facebook and for Google the learning curve is more or less absent. This means that Google was capable of getting their project Google Plus from shop floor to the market in less than a year. All the needs have been addressed on Google Plus.
  • The Privacy Issues are taken care of – Whether it was Facebook or Twitter the updates that were published was visible to the entire friends circle and the friends of your friends. How many times have we heard of issues rising because a boss looked at a status update of an employee, parents looked at status update of their children, Girlfriend who has looked at an update of boys nightout, etc. The same was the case with Twitter updates, Twitter updates was available to the entire world. Google has been smart enough to take cue from this issue and they have created a feature called Google Plus Circles. Simply put you can create circles for friends, family, colleagues, school mates, etc and each update of yours can be defined to reach the right audience. This is a wonderful feature and Google Plus has provided it to the people.
  • The Google Integration – Google has provided many services to the people which includes, Mails, chats, picassa albums, Google buzz, Google Android. All these services are incorporated into the Google Plus and it is bigger, better, meaner than the other Social Networks. Google Plus is a game changer for Google, similar to what Gmail and Android were for Google.
  • Google Plus is Native Application on Android – Most of you reading this article would also have read and realized that Google Android phones are capturing imaginations of people and the market share of the mobile world. With the flurry of mobile phone that enter the market and among these many being Android phones gaining momentum for Google Plus would become very easy. Thanks to the Google Plus Application that is native to Google Android Phones. This means Google Plus comes incorporated with every phone anyone buys. So people who buy Google Android phone buy a Google Plus account along with it irrespective of whether they need it or not.
  • Get Into a Huddle with Google+ – Google has created a feature called Huddle, this is where you literally get into a huddle with friends and peers. It is a group chat which allows you to chat with 10 friends of yours simultaneously. This is something when we are headed to an era of online meets and talks. This need not necessarily be an advantage considering that Facebook has entered into a pact with Skype to provide Video Chat platform for Facebook users.

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