How to Create a Google+ Page

Amarnath Prabhakar November 11, 2011 0

A Google Plus page can be created easily and without much hassle, indeed you don’t break a sweat provided you know where and what. A Google Plus business page creation can be accessed through two ways

Through a Link –

Through other pages – All you have to do is access any of the pages that have been recently created and click on Create a Page on the left sidebar. You can find UnoBlogger’s Page in Google Plus and see the image below to understand where you can find the “Create a Page”  button.

Creating A Google+ Page

There is a simple and short page creation form that you can fill to create your own page of your business or a brand. The page looks like this image below

There are certain aspirations among the users of Google Plus Business pages. These are seen as the negatives that Google Plus needs to work on to ensure there are crazy following of Google Plus Pages.

Single Administrator

Now, whoever creates a google plus business page will be the page administrator. No one else can administer the page than the person who first created it. Unfortunately for the time being the page cannot even be transferred to anyone else, there would sure be some development on this. Multiple administrator support for one is a big necessity considering there are big corporates who need multiple access to their business page.

No Vanity URLs

There are no Vanity URLs like with the Facebook, where you can have Google Plus Pages are addressed with a 21 digit pageID. This too is important and before anybody takes over your page we better have access.

No Auto Post

Currently you cannot auto post your blog updates to your Google Plus Pages. This means you cannot access your pages through native or third party applications. Here people are at an advantage and this stunts the flexibility of Google Plus Pages in comparison to Twitter or Facebook.

Pages Cannot Follow Individuals

At least not until someone has followed the Google Business Page. This is a conscious decision from Google to discourage Businesses following people in hopes of getting an follow back. This could have been used as a tactic in Twitter but, not in Google Plus.

All the negatives aside, there is a very strong notion among the industry experts that Google Plus will be another giant in the Social Network space. This is reason enough for you to create your own Google Plus Business Page.

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