Take advantage of Google+ for your blog’s mileage – Improve Traffic

Amarnath Prabhakar July 3, 2011 0

Google+ is now a revelation among the people who spend most of their time online and on social networks. Why is this a revelation? you may ask. Google+ is a revelation and is fast becoming a rage with people seeking Google+ invites from friends, family and even willing to spend some money for an invite.

Ebay a popular online marketplace had this listed, Google+ invite being sold for Rs.1999. What more proof we need to understand it becoming a rage.

Google+ is even touted as a Facebook Killer and this being the case, as bloggers, we ought to take advantage of Google+ for our blog promotion activities.

We will in this article see how to take advantage of Google+ to promote a website or a blog. See below the pages that are there in a person’s profile page and you will find +1 and Buzz. Lets see how to use +1 and buzz to promote your blog.

  • Google +1 Button – This is a page on a person’s profile that gets listed with the +1’s he has given to articles and websites that the person has visited. This list is visible to all who look at his profile and so the people looking at this list would be inquisitive to know what it is about and when they click the link will be lead to your blog. It is important that our blogs feature Google +1 Button for people visiting the page to like your blog or article. Check here to incorporate Google +1 Button on your blog – How to add Google +1 Button to your website
  • Google Buzz – Google Buzz is to Start conversations about the things you find interesting. Share updates, photos, videos and more with your friends. It is a Twitter clone we might say, similar to twitter and a better and wider net with a backing of Google Network.Since Google Buzz is similar to Twitter and since it gets prominence on the profile page of a social network person, it makes good sense to publish your article or website on Google Buzz and inturn get published on Google+ profile page which is accessed by friends and family. Check how to add Google Buzz to your website
These two changes to your blog or website will give enough mileage in itself. We will in the coming posts talk in detail about the various other possible additions you can do to your website or blog to improve traffic through Google+.

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