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Amarnath Prabhakar February 2, 2009 0

Ever wondered why your post which has the best content don’t get recognized by the people?

Most often than not, we ensure that we take absolute care while creating content for our posts. We take so much time and energy to create wonderful posts with fabulous content. We are so engrossed in developing content and checking for keywords in content, that we lost out on the most important factor for article writing. “The title of the post”!!!

Why is the title of the post so important?

Title Tag – The title that you write for your post features within the title tag <title>, this is one tag that a search engine spider would look at and index your post accordingly on the search engines. So we better be sure what we want our titles to be, these go into record.

Top of the page - A title tag features at the top of the page. You can go to any page, right click on that page and view source of the page. Since the title post features on top it is the first thing that the search engine spiders take note of.

Search Results – Any title of yours would be an identifier for your blog post or article and the number of searches conducted on certain keywords decide whether your site features in the search results page.


This makes it important for us to write titles which feature the top searched keywords to ensure our sites feature on the search results page.

Now, how do we know what key words are searched by the people?

There is a specific tool which can help you identify the top keywords that are getting searched and spike your title based on this information. Who else is capable of providing such a tool which talks about search engine results, none but google themselves.

The tool is called the Google Adwords’ keyword tool. You dont need to be signed up to take advantage of this tool and best of all its free. 

Once you go to the website you would have to follow the steps as below, for illustrative purposes I would want to take up “making money online” as the keyword I want to check about. So go to the website and key in the information 

Once you fill the details click on “get keyword ideas” and the results will be populated as below.


We should by now be happy that the results show a very positive trend of 74,000 searches in the month of January and about 90,000 searches as average. Without another thought we should choose this as a title of the post, or should we not?

We sure should not before we check another information. If we scroll down the page, we will find “additional keywords to consider”, this is as much important, lets see the result below.


If we see the results we have

Making money online has a monthly search volume at 74,000 searches and Make money online has a monthly search volume at 3,60,000 searches. This is about 5 times the number of searches conducted with keywords “Making money online”.

It makes absolute sense to consider make money online as the keywords and not making money online. This is just one example that has been presented and there can be so many options and so many keywords that can be at play for us to choose a title for our blog post.

Use this tool excessively and achieve absolute dominance in search engine traffic. We will see more about traffic generation and search engine optimization in the posts to come.

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