Reasons why I stumble a website in Stumbleupon

Amarnath Prabhakar March 24, 2009 0

Stumbleupon as a website doubles up as a search engine providing the stumblers with relevant and most of the times accurate information.

It is very important for website owners to ensure that the website is appealing enough to attract stumbles and a thumb up every time a stumbler comes across the website. It is not just that appeal but there are various other factors that influence the stumblers for a thumb up.

As a stumbler myself (my stumbleupon id unoblogger) I would give a thumb up to a website that I come across. The factors that are necessary for me to be impressed are as below.

Less advertisements – There are a lot of blogs out there which have been set up to make money online and for this reason they are infested with advertisements. These blogs don’t impress me at all.

Not a marketing website – For the same reason of making money online, there too are many websites selling one product or the other and are there all over the internet. These websites really is no value add to my internet experience. Websites that are not a marketing website will attract my stumble.

A quick loading website – Time is very important to me and if your website is taking longer than an average time to load I am gone already. A quick loading website will attract me to browse more web pages of that website

Is not a porn or hate website – I am not a great fan of such sites and would whiz past these sites.

Appealing to the eye – I love web 2.0 websites for it’s sheer beauty in every angle and aspect. These sites will hold me longer and may attract a thumb up from me.

Your articles are original – It sure takes a lot of time and energy to create original work and when I come across a copied article I would know. This probably is because I read a lot of articles online.

You website has a humor factor – I love humor websites and even websites with important information with a tinge of humor in their articles.

So, these are the reasons why I would give a thumb up to a website, which directly means which of the websites will not get a thumb up from me.

If you thumb up a website for reasons not mentioned above, please leave the reason in the comments below. I would include them in the update post.

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