Traffic as a measurement to your blog’s success

Amarnath Prabhakar October 7, 2008 0

Traffic is a primary factor which cannot be ignored at any cost, provided you are looking at earning money blogging. There are a lot of ways a website or a blog’s success is measured and traffic is one such measurement tool. We now know how traffic is related to making money online and why it needs to be considered with utmost importance. If you have understood the size of the blogging world, as mentioned in the Technorati Blogosphere report, then you should be aware that there is a greater risk of being sidelined if not popular.

The blogs success depends on a lot of factors and traffic just is one of them. There are various ways to measure traffic like google analytics, sitemeter, statcounter, etc. We need to sign ourselves up in these websites and submit our blog. We would be provided with a tracker which needs to be inserted into the blog and viola anything that happens on the blog is measured. The way to sign up with google analytics is already discussed in this blog, using google analytics effectively. Now we know that traffic is important, so what are the various indicators of traffic to a website are

Unique Visitors

The number of visitors you have to your blog, who are unique (first time visitors). Unique visitors are considered important for the simple reason that the blog’s popularity can be judged by the number. So if the proportion of unique visitors to your overall visits for the day is important to ensure success. Usually when you are starting a blog the percentage of unique visitors to your blog should be around 70%. The challenge is to to sustain this number which would be spoken in detail in the posts to come.


Page Views

The number of pages visited on a web browser is page views. It is an important tool which allows bloggers to understand how far the blog reaches to the people. The more the page views the better, this gives an overall outlook that the blog is being used well.



Measuring the unique visitors is one way of looking at a blog’s success, but the measurement makes sense when compared to the overall visits to your blog. An individual visitor can make several visits to your blog and the more the visits the better it is in terms of the blog’s popularity. A lot of times visits is measured along with the time spent on the blog each time an individual visits the blog. The greater the time spent by an individual the better, because we know that the time is being spent to read the content.

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