What is stumbleupon?

Amarnath Prabhakar October 13, 2008 0

Ever heard of a tool that can provide to you accurate to very accurate results for your quest for knowledge?

If you haven’t till this point of time you should warm up to this fact that there is some tool which does just that. We all have awareness of Google as a brilliant search engine which provides us with results based on our searches using keywords. Even this can at times be questioned with relevence of results to your search criteria. As we all know google provides results based on a certain algorithm which is called pagerank, so greater the pagerank the website appears on top of the search result.

Now, the results that are presented to you can most often than not be irrelevent to your search requirement. To address this issue, there emerged this website called StumbleUpon. This website is a social network website which captures the views of people who’ve visited a website and liked it. Say for instance you visit a website and you like it, the next thing that you do is bookmark it. These bookmarks are then provided to the stumblers (people engaged with stumbleupon and stumble websites) with similar interests, based on tags and keywords.

StumbleUpon is a great tool to share interests and meet new people. By thumbing up and reviewing a webpage you give it more exposure by increasing the possibility of others seeing it. Adversely, thumbing down a page will show your disinterest with a particular page.



What is StumbleUpon?

StumbleUpon is a service that allows you to channel surf the web by using a specific toolbar which serves random pages whenever you click the Stumble button. You will then be given an option to rate or review the website, it will in turn share the page with other StumbleUpon members. This not only is for regular stumbles, you can search using this toolbar and that serves you relevent websites based on your searches.

In simpler terms StumbleUpon is a type of social networking that allows you to meet others with similar interests and join groups who share the same interest as you.


How do I sign up for StumbleUpon?

You can get started by visiting StumbleUpon and installing the toolbar for Internet Explorer or Firefox. My stumbleupon page is at “http://unoblogger.stumbleupon.com/”

After joining, you will be asked to select your interests and fill in information about yourself which will help determine what pages you will stumble first. We will see the toolbar and it’s use in posts to come.


Why use StumbleUpon?

StumbleUpon is a great way to share content along with building relationships. By using StumbleUpon you can increase exposure of your website by thumbing your pages up or down and sharing it with fellow StumbleUpon members. There is a large community of stumblers who would come across your blog and if satisfied will rate your blog well. This eventually will build a following around your blog and the same will ensure, there is more traffic to your blog.

We would look at more details of stumbleupon in the posts to come.

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