What is Traffic? – Internet Traffic

Amarnath Prabhakar September 17, 2008 0

In simple terms the definition of “Traffic” as per dictionary

Traffic is the movement of motorized vehicles, unmotorized vehicles and pedestrians on roads”

The number of visitors to a Web page or Website. Refers to the number of visitors, hits, page accesses, etc., over a given time period. As a general term, it describes data traveling around the Internet.”

A reference to the number of visitors a web site receives.”

Many definitions for the word traffic, we would more so be interested in understanding what a traffic is in internet terms. In simpler words it is an aggregation of people (visitors coming and going) to a webpage or a website during a period of time

It is important for a website to have traffic to and fro for it to survive on the internet. Internet is a connection of tubes interlacing countries, regions, localities, homes, offices and to survive on internet you need to have traffic.


Traffic helps increase a few things to a website

1. The revenues increase, you can earn more provided you can attract more people to visit your website.

2. Increased Pagerank, the more people visiting the website will increase the page rank of the website. Page rank is a ranking provided by google to all the pages on the internet and is based on an equation

3. More Pageviews, which inturn increases pagerank and the website density and the revenue

4. Exposure as a blogger, more people visiting the website or the blog would not only be repeat visitors but also share their finding with friends in communities inturn much more visits

So, internet traffic is very important as we see and we will come across ways of attracting traffic in the posts to come. I am to start another series and this series will be called Traffic Generation. Any post pertaining to traffic and generating traffic will be labelled under this series. For more such posts to come subscribe to Unoblogger by Email

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