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Amarnath Prabhakar June 21, 2009 0

Twitter a social networking tool has become a way of life on the online world. People online irrespective of their interests online, are now clinging to twitter like never before. So if you are one of the many people stung by the twitter bug, then you ought to be aware of the ways to enhance your twitter experience.

This week’s Sunday links looks at articles that will help enhance twitter experience.

Apart from these experience enhancers to you, there also should be a thought to increase experience of the users who follow you on twitter. The next two articles talks about creating your own twitter backgrounds. This will improve the look and feel of your twitter account

  • Although the link is a website on twitter backgrounds, it has a lot of articles and posts on various twitter backgrounds
  • There are a lot of websites and online resources that provide you with twitter backgrounds. These backgrounds are as is and cannot be modified to your needs. For this reason, it is always better to do up your own twitter background. Mashable a blog on online tools has given a wonderful article on making your own twitter background

Be back for more such compilations of articles that enhance our internet experience.

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