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Amarnath Prabhakar August 9, 2009 0

If you’ve been aware of the developments on the internet world then you must be aware as to the popularity twitter has gained. Twitter these days is being regarded as the in thing among the net savvy professionals and entrepreneurs alike.

This brings us to a question, How important is it to be presentable with your twitter account?. This question is to be contemplated for a simple reason that a lot of people come across your twitter account. These people can be friends, future business acquaintance, future boss, etc. and for this reason it is absolutely necessary to be presentable.

There are many ways you can be having a good twitter account and one of the ways is to have a customised twitter background. In this week’s Sunday links, we will list down the twitter background generators available on the net.

  • Twilk is a Twitter background generator which will create a custom background made up of your friends’ profile photos. You have to sign in using your twitter account sign in details. – http://twilk.com/
  • Twitbacks is another background generator, you have to create an account to create a twitter background – http://www.twitbacks.com/
  • Free twitter design is my personal best, you can choose not to sign in and create amazing twitter backgrounds with their custom templates – http://www.freetwitterdesigner.com/
  • My tweet space requires sign up for you to generate twitter backgrounds – http://www.mytweetspace.com
  • Another favorite prettytweet, this website lets you create a wonderful ackground for your twitter account and it requires no sign up – http://prettytweet.com/

Bonus link:

This is a link for you to check your twitter background in different resolutions/screen size. This is a website called twitter background checker – http://twtbg.me/

There we have it, this week’s link list on twitter background generators.

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