WordPress Admin – wp-admin page is blank, unable to access dashboard

Amarnath Prabhakar November 2, 2011 0

Recently we migrated UnoBlogger to Godaddy servers from Yahoo servers and from then on there has been quite a few issues. These issues are getting solved as and then they appear and these become subjects of UnoBlogger articles. Such is this article too.

After the migration there were many plugins that had to be installed, the CSS realigned, even the theme for UnoBlogger was changed. One fine day when I tried to login to UnoBlogger admin, the url /wp-admin was blank. Further I checked the blog and was able to access www.unoblogger.com and when I tried the same url without the www prefix like http://unoblogger.com it returned a blank error. Usually the URL will automatically redirect to www.unoblogger.com but, did not happen this time.

Another check was conducted, which was tried logging in to the blog through the /wp-login.php URL. With this the login page was published but, when logged in, it returned a blank page.

This was a definite panic situation, imagine not having access to your blog’s backed dashboard. Eventually solution was found with removal of a blank space in functions.php file. There can be a few reasons why you will encounter a blank page trying to login and we will find the different situations and solutions you can try

Blank Space in functions.php

There are three places where functions.php is present

  • wp-admin/functions.php
  • wp-content/themes/[mytheme]/functions.php
  • wp-includes/functions.php
There is a possibility of blank space before or after your content in functions.php. Try finding this blank page and remove it from the theme. This should solve the problem of blank page while accessing wordpress admin.


Recently installed Plugins

Try remembering if you had recently installed a plugin, if there has been a recent plugin install on your wordpress blog it should ideally be the culprit causing the blank admin page error.

There are a lot of plugins that have been coded and many of them have certain coding issues in them. Not just that there are also compatibility issues when there is a wordpress plugin that is not updated for the current wordpress version. These conflicts can definitely cause your wordpress not functioning the way it should.

For a solution, try renaming the plugins folders under wp-content/plugins directory. Once this is done try revisiting the wp-admin page. If the problem still persists download the plugins directory to your desktop, delete the contents of the plugins directory completely. This should provide access to your admin page, once you have access try reinstalling the plugins one after other eliminating the plugin that is causing the error.

WordPress Theme

At times even a wrongly coded theme can cause errors in the backend. We need to understand that blank pages are caused only with erroneous codes in the files that form the theme or plugin.

Try deleting all the themes and then access the admin page. This should provide access to your admin page. By deleting your themes your blog will be published with the default theme. You can then change the theme as per your requirement. Beware of badly coded themes.


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